Mobile banking

FI-Mobile - Mobile Banking Solution

Any credit union or community bank can have a differentiated mobile presence quickly without becoming an expert in mobile.

FI-Mobile is the only mobile banking solution that provides an interface allowing the FI to implement any mobile banking service into one, unified mobile banking app. There is no additional programming required and any updates are available to all members or customers at next login. It’s truly flexible and best of breed all around.


  • Supports best in breed services including: account opening, loan applications, remote deposit capture, picture pay, etc from most vendors or providers
  • Complete branding with one place to go with one look and feel, one app
  • Works on major mobile platforms for phones, tablets and devices
  • Easy to administer, simple for users
  • Deep analytics and usage data


  • More than just transactions and checking balances
  • All financial and banking services in one place without a branch visit
  • Fast return on investment
  • Increase marketing reach, delight customers and maximize mobile engagement
  • Limited IT and technical support required
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